Consulting is like gardening:

It is hard work performed on the basis of profound knowledge and experience. Sometimes the results are seen soon, and sometimes they are enjoyed a bit later. Both is satisfying. Our customers however enjoy prompt results.

AHS Group has been founded by Dr. Abrell in 1989,

when he resigned as a partner after 12 years of legal practice in corporate and m&a-matters from one of the - still - best lawfirms in Europe.

Which means: Our clients enjoy the experience of almost 50 years of successful "gardening". 

General Corporate


Creating, structuring, restructuring, advising and manging corporate entities in all major European states.  

M & A


Merging, selling, and acquiring corporate entities in all major European states. Includes banking and taxation.

General Legal


Advising clients, their shareholders, and managers on all general legal matters coming along the road